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The Fourth: Shifting of stuff

Moving around, evocative tones. The ability to have everything and yet nothing, allowing for variety and an exchange of ideas. The want for more and yet trying to balance it with less. How does an individual make it so?

Is there ever too much or can it be too little? Ever progressing and speeding technology, allowing for more to happen quickly. Dare to keep up, or catch a Cafe Nero and chill? Aim for the stars or just get by?

Having possessions helps keep us happy. Whether by necessity or sheer promotion, the accruing of stuff is something that can be great whilst overwhelming. Will we move purely towards a digital age or are we forever going to hang among mountains of materials and physical goods?

I leave the end decision on that, to the readers...


MVC3 Impressions

Courtesy of my kind friends (thank you Zee) I managed to give the latest in the stunning crossover of two fictional worlds a spin with Marvel vs.Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds.

The fighter will throw off any fan of the genre to begin with. In efforts to keep matches swift, characters carry less vitality meaning they can be flawed easier from only 3-4 decent combos. Also, the in-game X-Factor (activated by pressing all four main attack buttons) allows for hefty power and speed boosts, bringing any former sense of game balance right down to zero.

The latest iteration is a heap of fun though. The roster is varied with the likes of Resident Evil's Wesker, DMC's Dante and Bionic Commando's Spencer alongside the likes of Marvel's X-23, Phoenix and Deadpool.

The game remains user-friendly enough to allow beginners to give their best whilst higher-level players can show off their combo ability and skills in the heat of battle. MvC3 doesn't hide its beauty, the music and sound effects reminiscent of previous iterations in the franchise from Ryu's trademark theme to varied tracks for new entrants.

Among the modes on offer include Arcade, Versus, Training, Mission Mode and Online for players to face off against each other as they duke it out. News of future costumes and characters (Jill Valentine and Shuma Gorath have already been announced) via DLC are also highly anticipated.

MvC3 is worth checking out after the ten year wait. Seasoned players may be initially surprised at the changes but once they become accustomed to what has been altered they will get used to most of the adjustments.


The Third: Eyes Always Open

Hodi's lack of sleep is his main driver, providing him with the means to drive on regardless of whatever comes to hit him. Dishevelled and coarse, peaking through puffy eyes that hold nothing back. Relishes the good old days when things were more exciting and happening, the people he knew were all on their way to different goals and ventures.

Waking in the morning, or is that the evening? Being alert and responsive to the world around you, wanting to participate in its ongoing flow, knowing that it paces on ahead of you as you wake with each day. The knowledge of what is held before like that written in a book, providing details on not only what is to come but what may happen.

Is it the daytime, or is it the evening? The days just seem to be a blur. Irregular hours and a shifting format present a new way of living, that of day to day, week to week. They who enter a sweet slumber are fortunate enough to capture some downtime. Everyone else just keeps on rolling to the best of their ability.

Caffeine is ever a friend as a stimulant for continued work and growth. It keeps the head alert and makes once dozy minds perk up, allowing for progress and diligence to persevere in the toughest of times. That which can stretch man beyond his recognised limitations, further than that which he accepts and recognises.

Eyes always open. Peering out and straight to the world. Know there is no end as you gaze upon that which lies out in front of you. Always with open eyes.



The spinning of feet upon the floor. The journeying of man through the whirlwind. His feet and hands entwined in the air, creating room for changing twists. Sending himself through the motions, bringing his body down into a shape, he moves and contorts like a snake, writhing like seeking its next feed.

The music plays out like any regular ritual, always proud and present in its execution. He sees the ability to bring life to his creation, making him causeworthy and able to step forth in the crowd.It fills him with joy, hardship and somewhat sorrow as he recognises the path and makes it become something substantial. The time and ability to reocognise his purpose, it reaches out and bellows his name.

The major call of purpose and identifying that particular move. Defining it and seizing the moment. There is no wrong in its presence or captivation. It is always there, ascertainable through perseverance and hindsight. Working towards a greater goal, its realisation something that can be chewed upon.

Develop up a dancing style. Come and show it all the while. Stand by the sidelines and feel somewhat woozy. Let those who are able put forward their best moves, bringing it down and representing for the night.

Peace yo.